Lecture Programme

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CIAS Lecture Programme Autumn 2018

10 September
Subject: Railways and the Industrial Revolution
Mon 7.30 pm
Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:- Alan Betteney

A look at how the Industrial Revolution almost missed Teesside and the importance that the
railways to the industrial expansion of the area.

8 October
Subject: Sirius Minerals and Polyhalite – the Future of Fertilizer
Mon 7.30 pm
Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:- Asher Haynes

The talk will provide an overview of the recent history and current status of the project, from
planning through detailed design and into construction.
Sirius Minerals Plc is a FTSE listed company focussed on the development of its polyhalite mining
project in North Yorkshire. The Project’s minerals area contains what the Company believes to
be the world’s largest known high-grade polyhalite resource, which is sold as a multi-nutrient
The Project will consist of a new mine located 3.5km south of Whitby in North Yorkshire, which
will extract the polyhalite ore, a 36.7km underground mineral transport system (MTS) that will
convey the ore to a granulation facility on Teesside, and a new export quay on the River Tees.
Construction is already underway and once in operation the mine and facilities will employ over
1000 people.

12 November
Subject: The Transport of Alum
Mon 7.30 pm
Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:- Peter Appleton

A look at the activities of the vessels that serviced the alum works during the years 1780-1820:
what they carried, from where and to where. During this presentation, the impact of world
events on the local industry will explained. Changes in the performance of the works, that were
unexpectedly revealed by using modern business management software to analyse this mass of
data, will be discussed. Some of the problems faced by the port agents and crews of the ships
will be described by looking at two voyages in greater detail.

1 December
Subject: ELGEE MEMORIAL LECTURE : Building No. 2007 Prince of Wales, Britain’s most powerful steam locomotive.
Saturday 10.30 am
Venue:- Dorman Museum, Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:- David Elliott

The Gresley Class P2 2-8-2 ‘Mikados’ were the most powerful express passenger locomotives to
operate in the UK. They were designed by Sir Nigel Gresley to haul 600 ton trains on the arduous
Edinburgh to Aberdeen route. Sadly, the design was never fully developed and they were rebuilt
by his successor Edward Thompson into ungainly 4-6-2s in 1943/4, and scrapped by 1961.
The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust (builders and operators of the 100mph A1 Pacific No. 60163
Tornado) intends to use the latest computer aided design and modelling techniques to realise
the full potential of the original design and it is estimated that No. 2007 Prince of Wales will cost
£5m to build over a 7-10 year period and be capable of operating on main line and preserved
railways. The project has already raised over £2.7m, and has spent £1.3m on the locomotive so
far (correct as of November 2017).

7 January 2019
Subject: In Situ underground remains in UK mines
Mon 7.30 pm Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:- Chris Twigg
A look at in-situ underground remains in UK mines, such as the Sir Francis Engine, Brewery Shaft
Machinery, Rampgill Horse Gin, Locos in Milwr Tunnel, underground winding engines at Burtree
Pasture and underground engine at Ystrad Einon.

All Lectures are held at St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Lectures start at 7 30 pm unless otherwise noted.
The lectures are free and visitors welcome.