Lecture Programme

CIAS Summer Events 2023

17 May 2023
Parkol Marine Engineering’s fabrication hall, Middlesbrough

Wednesday 10.00 am
Meet at Port of Middlesbrough, West Gate A, Riverside Park Road, Middlesbrough, TS2 1JR. (Grid Ref NZ 490 215).

A rearrangement of the delayed June 2020 visit to Parkol Marine Engineering’s, fabrication hall which has four boat-building berths undercover accommodates new builds up to 45 metres long. If possible, bring safety gear (Hard hats, high visibility jackets and strong footwear). Parkol would like to be notified of the numbers attending before the day of the visit so please register your interest with Elizabeth Marsh.

17 June 2023
Slapewath Shaft Ironstone Mine

Saturday 1:30 pm
Meet at Margrove Park Old Shale Tips Parking (NZ 652 156)
Leader :- Simon Chapman

A visit to the Slapewath Shaft ironstone mine site to view what has recently been uncovered by Simon and the team from Cleveland Mining Heritage Society. Sunk by Sir Bernard Samuelson in the 1880s the site now lies on private property and is approximately a one-mile walk from the parking location along farm tracks.

15 July 2023
UK Mining Ventures – Frosterley

Leader :- Chris Twigg

UK Mining Ventures operate several small mines near Frosterley in Weardale, dedicated to commercial Fluorite specimen mining. They have an operational battery loco and Eimco 12B compressed-air rocker shovel. Specifics of the visit will be finalised in 2023 and will likely require PPE such as safety boots and helmets with headlamps, please contact the meeting leader directly to register an interest and be notified of further details.

August 2023 – Cancelled
Teesside Archives / Dorman Museum

A visit to allow members to become familiar with accessing the resources of the Teesside Archives and the Dorman Museum, now housed under the same roof, for research or personal interest purposes. After a general introduction to the whole group, there will be the opportunity for small sub-groups to see material not normally on display. To confirm the visit time and to enable the access to collections to be tailored to the interests of the attendees please let Elizabeth Marsh know what topics you would like to see covered.

CIAS Autumn/Winter Lecture Programme 2023

11 September 2023
Subject:- Interpreting the Mining Landscape in and around the Rosedale Magnetic Ore Deposits

Monday 7.30 pm
Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:- Neil Rowley & Steve Livera

Steve and Neil have long been puzzled by some of the features that can be seen whilst exploring the mining remains around the Hollins Mines. Steve, a geologist, will look at the origins of the deposit that confound geological analogue, and describe the LIDAR and the problems in trying to match up the Victorian plans with what can be seen in the landscape today. Neil, a mining engineer, has been considering the mining techniques that may have been used in extracting these unusual deposits and will look at the various workings in the top seam in this area and the role they played in the early exploration and in the development of some of the difficult to explain landscape features.
Zoom Meeting ID: 869 4413 8951 Passcode: 380996

09 October 2023
Subject:- Bridging the World: the archives of Dorman Long and Cleveland Bridge

Monday 7.30 pm
Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:- Lara Moon

The amount of bridges built by Dorman Long, Cleveland Bridge and their many subsidiaries and associated companies is vast. Through looking at the collections held by Teesside Archives, find out about a selection of more of the well-known bridges locally, nationally, and internationally that show a nice variety of the type of structures the firms built across the decades.
Zoom Meeting ID: 846 7822 5706 Passcode: 201287

13 November 2023
Subject:- War on the Home Front; World War I – The Devil’s Porridge.

Monday 7.30 pm
Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:- Mike Turpin

In World War I Britain quickly started to run out of munitions. This talk looks at the increased production following the 1915 Munitions Act and the social implications that followed. The talk focuses on the ‘Devil’s Porridge’ factory in Scotland.
Zoom Meeting ID: 898 8544 9138 Passcode: 939843

11 December 2023
Subject:- Art within the Steel Industry

Monday 7.30 pm
Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:- Philip Boville

Since 1973, the Teesside Steel Industry has been my inspiration for many of my paintings. The 27ft long Lackenby Medical Centre Mural, is one of my better-known works. My talk will take you on a unique journey through the eyes of an artist and technician who worked in the steel industry for just over 40 years. Today I use digital animation to bring another dimension to my work. Using this approach, you will see an example of how this medium has the potential to describe our heritage in a way never seen before.
Zoom Meeting ID: 871 1117 7704 Passcode: 648044

08 January 2024
Subject:- The Lost Stations between Middlesbrough and Redcar

Monday 7.30 pm
Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:- Michael Thompson

An imaginary rail journey from Middlesbrough and Redcar stopping to look at the history of all the stations that no longer exist. In addition Michael will talk about a couple of train crashes, a lost pub (it is now under a car park) and two plane crashes from WW2.
Zoom Meeting ID: 857 1388 7379 Passcode: 425044

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