Lecture Programme

CIAS Summer Events 2024

Please note that while we do not discourage non-members from attending our summer events, they are NOT covered by our Personal Accident cover insurance (through our membership of BALH) and they attend at their own risk. Also, it has come to our attention that members under the age of 16 and over the age of 80 are similarly NOT covered and would attend at their own risk.

11 May 2024
Thornaby Town Hall
Saturday 11:00 am
Leader:- David Thompson
Meet at Thornaby Town Hall (TS17 6AW)

A visit to the recently restored Thornaby Town Hall including access to the 1892 clock tower, the original Potts of Leeds mechanism and the restored council chamber. The Town Hall is also home to the Thornaby Archives and includes material and artefacts from Head Wrightson and RAF Thornaby.
Car parking is available in the adjacent Railway Terrace, toilets are available as will be tea and biscuits!

June 2024
York Handmade Bricks
Meet at Forest Lane, Alne. (YO61 1TU)
Leader :- Chris Twigg

York Handmade Bricks has been in business since 1988 and specialises in the recreation of bricks of all shapes and sizes for heritage projects. As their production times are based on their order book, the exact date of the visit will be confirmed closer to the time. Please register an interest with Chris Twigg (chris.twigg90@gmail.com)

13 July 2024
Rosedale Magnetic Ore Deposits
Saturday 11:00 am
Leaders :- Neil Rowley & Steve Livera
Meet at Rosedale Chimney Bank Car Park (SE 721947)

Following their thought-provoking talk to CIAS in September 2023, Steve and Neil will lead a visit to examine the geology and mining remains around the Hollins Mines and discuss the mining techniques that may have been used in extracting these unusual deposits. The visit will require substantial walking over steep and rough ground to reach and explore the mine site.

10 August 2024
Thornaby Aerodrome
Saturday 11:00 am
Leader:- David Thompson
Meet at Martinet Road near Snooker Club (TS17 0AS)

Thornaby Aerodrome operated between 1929 and 1958 and was the home of 608 Squadron during WW2, this approximately 2-mile walk will visit the buildings which still remain from the aerodrome.

16 Sep 2024
Subject:- ICI Oil Works, Billingham – A Brief History
Monday 7.30 pm
Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:- Alan Betteney

Alan will give us a brief history of Oil Works followed by the development of petrol from coal plant which after WW2 was converted to produce plasticiser alcohols and later detergent alcohols a process in which he was involved, working on research and supporting the plant.

Meeting ID: 859 4578 1230 Passcode: 099572

14 October 2024
Subject:- The ingenuity of the millwright
Monday 7.30 pm
Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:- Peter Morgan

Peter from Tocketts Mill presents a study of how the common problems posed in the operation of corn mills have been overcome, often revealing regional distribution owing to the influence of individual millwrights

Meeting ID: 879 3927 9347 Passcode: 713727

11 November 2024
Subject:- The Alum Folk
Monday 7.30 pm
Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:- Peter Appleton

The Alum Folk follows on from the success of A Forgotten Industry, in which the history of alum making in north-east Yorkshire was described. Among the unused research material from that book were stories about people and their involvement in the alum industry. These brought to life the industry in a way that A Forgotten Industry was unable to do. Some of the longer-lived works left an extensive archive of documents, whilst the smaller, shorter-lived ones left almost no documentary evidence. The story of each works is told using the varying quantity and quality of surviving documents. Throughout the book, the emphasis is always on the people: their actions, their emotions, their relationships, their mishaps, in so far as the documentary evidence permits.

Meeting ID: 812 4695 8026 Passcode: 457458

9 December 2024
Subject:- Who was Paddy Waddell?
Monday 7.30 pm
Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:- Graham Aldous

Today we’re uncovering one of the curiosities of East Cleveland and the northern North York Moors, with a man who looks out on the evidence every morning from his bathroom window. It’s a tale of a Station Hotel where there was never a station; trains that never came, on a railway that never was… and all named after a man who never existed either.
Meeting ID: 853 1506 1557 Passcode: 559339

13 January 2025
Subject:- Boosbeck Industries
Monday 7.30 p
Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:-Angela List-Evans

In 1930 unemployment in East Cleveland reached over 90% and many miners and their families were destitute. In response to this, James and Ruth Pennyman of Ormesby Hall, along with other local landowners, created schemes and ways for miners to earn income. A new workshop was started to
teach the miners carpentry. They made furniture, known as Boosbeck Furniture and sold it locally, later moving to a showroom in North Ormesby. Come and find out about this fascinating subject and learn about the groundbreaking design that was a feature of Boosbeck Industries’ products.

Meeting ID: 882 4426 7632 Passcode: 720456

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