Lecture Programme

CIAS Autumn/Winter Lecture Programme 2021



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13 September 2021 (now available in Members Area)
Subject : Selby Coalfield
Mon 7.30 pm
Speaker :- Neil Rowley

Neil gives a personal account of the development and life of the Selby coalfield using photographs and plans collected during his career in mining. He goes on to illustrate some of the influences that Selby may have had in later years both on Boulby Mine and even perhaps to a small extent on mines in the North of Spain.

18 October 2021 (now available in Members Area)
Subject : The Company of Mines Royal – A short history
Mon 7.30 pm
Speaker :- Mark Hatton

How the formation of the Company of Mines Royal at Keswick in 1568 revolutionised the Mining and Smelting Industry in Britain and paved the way for the Industrialisation of Teesside. A tale of Immigration, Innovation,
Jealousy & Murder.

8 November 2021 (now available in Members Area)
Subject : The Silent Warriors of Teesport
Mon 7.30 pm
Speaker :- Phil Philo

A return visit by Phil this time to talk about the History of the 10th Submarine Flotilla based on the River Tees during World War One.

6 December 2021 (now available in Members Area)
Subject : Ironstone Mining around Guisborough
Mon 7.30 pm
Speaker :- Chris Twigg

Guisborough bore witness to the majority of the ironstone mining era in Cleveland, starting in the very early days with Pease’s Hutton Lowcross mines, through mechanisation, modernisation and merger to the huge Spa Wood and Belmont mines of Dorman Long and Company in the inter-war period.

17 Jan 2022 (now available in Members Area)
Subject : From Railway Engines to Toilet Cubicles
Mon 7.30 pm
Speaker :- Alan Betteney

The history of a factory on Norton Road, Stockton, famous for railway and marine engines and toilet cubicles.

21 Feb 2022 (now available in Members Area)
Subject : Cleveland’s Innovative Engineers
Mon 7.30 pm
Venue : St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough

Speaker :- Sue Parker

Sue Parker is Technical Events Officer of the Cleveland Institute of Engineers (CIE) and a Director of the Cleveland Scientific Institute. Drawing from the CIE’s 19th-century archives Mrs Parker reveals the innovative engineering solutions of the area’s leading engineers. Many of them were ahead of their time. Did you know that attempts were made to start a Channel Tunnel in 1883, or that the transmitter in telephone microphones in the 1980s was invented by a vicar in 1880?

21 March 2022 (now available in Members Area)
Subject : John Dixon : The man who could have built the Forth bridge
Monday 7.30 pm
Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.

Also Zoom: Meeting ID: 826 2282 2521 Passcode: 18918
Speaker:- Ian Pearce

John Dixon was one of the generations of British contractors who built railways, bridges and other civil engineering works around the world. Today, most are generally forgotten, a fate entirely undeserved by the man who erected Cleopatra’s Needle on the Thames Embankment and who built the first railway in China. Had his tender for the construction of the Forth Railway Bridge been
accepted, and it was the lowest tender received, history would have treated him differently. Ian will have copies of his book available at a heavily discounted price.

25 April 2022
Subject:- AGM and Members’ Evening
Monday 7.15 pm Please note earlier start time
Venue: – St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.

Also Zoom: Meeting ID: 845 6459 7609 Passcode: 103850

Members’ contributions will be welcomed; please advise the Secretary in advance.

CIAS Summer Events 2022

28 May 2022
Grosmont Geology and Industrial Archaeology
Saturday 1pm-4pm

Leader : Steve Livera
Meet at St Matthews Church (NZ 8285 0515)

The coming of the railway to Grosmont in 1836 led to the identification and development of several industries in the area, the most important of which was ironstone extraction and processing. A lot has been documented over the years in the area and this trip builds on that work. We will examine the upper seam (The Pecten Seam) in detail and in its geological setting along the Murk Esk,
highlighting the unusual conditions which led to its deposition during the Jurassic and its relationship to the lower Avicula Seam, seen in nearby abandoned mines. The Murk Esk also shows us how the mining took place in the 1830s, well before the Main Seam developments near Guisborough and
Eston in the 1850s. We will then take a short walk up Lease Rigg and overview the industrial setting, using Lidar images and abandonment plans to discuss the history of development in the area. Then we will investigate some of the sites in detail to get a feeling of what remains of what was a prolonged period of mining and processing between 1836 and 1891. The walking distance is ca. 5 km
on existing paths which can be rough and pebbly. We will not walk under any outcrops.

25 June 2022
A walk around Kirkleatham to view the remains of the WW2 defences
Saturday 2pm
Leader : Stuart McMillan
Meet at Kirkleatham Church TS10 5NN (NZ 594 218).

Following Stuart’s talk to us in March 2020, he will lead a walk around Kirkleatham to point out the WW2, Area 51 defended strongpoint centred on Kirkleatham Hall which from 1940 – 1943 served as a battalion HQ for units engaged in coastal defence. At one time during this period, it was the HQ of
the 7th Battalion Leicestershire Regiment. The Hall was provided with intensive all-round defences. These comprised anti-tank ditch perimeter trenches, machine-gun positions, a 6pdr. emplacement, mortars, anti-tank blocks and pill-boxes. In the First World War, the site provided a mooring-out station for Admiralty U-boat hunting airships stationed at Howden.

23 July 2022
Skelton Shaft Discoveries
Saturday 1.30 pm
Leader : Simon Chapman
Meet at Park Pit site (NZ 644 181) just south off A173 along a farm track.

Another visit to the Skelton Shaft Mine site to view what has been uncovered by Simon and his team of workers since we last visited the remains which include the Guibal Fan House. The mine is on private land and permission from Skelton and Gilling Estate is subject to the usual conditions, i.e. Visitors are there at their own risk and no liability is accepted by the Estate. Care to be taken at all
times, no dogs are allowed; also, no access into the buildings is permitted because of their crumbling state.

20 Aug 2022
Belmont Ironstone Mine and Stables
Saturday 1.30 pm.
Leader : Chris Twigg
Meet at end of Silverton Road, Guisborough (NZ 615 147)

A short walk around the surface remains of Bolckow and Vaughan’s Belmont ironstone mine in Guisborough, visiting the powder magazine, picking belt and drift entrance. The visit will also include access to the extensive mine stables, still serving their original purpose in the present day. The visit complements the December 2021 lecture on Ironstone Mining around Guisborough.

CIAS Autumn Lecture Programme 2022

12 Sep 2022
Subject:- The Anatomy of Yorkshires Lead Smelting Mills.

Monday 7.30 pm
Venue:- St. Mary’s Centre, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.
Speaker:- Richard Lamb

As well as looking at Yorkshires Lead Smelting Mills it will include new information on the history of Grinton Mill unearthed after the flood damage in August 2019.

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